About QML

Quantitative Methods Lab at Southern Methodist University

Who we are

Quantitative Methods Lab is a research group at Southern Methodist University. We are not officially affiliated to any specific academic/service unit, but housed at the Center on Research and Evaluation (CORE) at SMU. The membership of the QML is cross-institutional, and its members actively study and collaborate on various research topics on quantitative methods in behavioral science and educational research.



Akihito Kamata is a Professor at Southern Methodist University (Department of Education Policy & Leadership, and Department of Psychology), and the Executive Director at the Center on Research and Evaluation. His primary research interest is psychometrics and educational and psychological measurement, focusing on implementation of item-level test data analysis methodology through various modeling framework, including item response theory, multilevel modeling, and structural equation modeling.

Faculty / Staff

Yusuf Kara is a Senior Program Manager at the Center on Research and Evaluation at Simmons School of Education and Human Development, SMU. His research interests primarily focus on contemporary psychometric methods such as multilevel item response modeling, structural equation modeling, and mediation analysis.

Xinya Liang is Assistant Professor of Educational Statistics and Research Methods at the College of Education and Health Professions, University of Arkansas. Her research interests includes Structural equation modeling, Bayesian data analysis, Multilevel modeling, Measurement Invariance, and Large-Scale Assessment.

Chalie Patarapichayatham is a Research Assistant Professor at Simmons School of Education and Human Development at SMU. Her research interests include psychometrics, educational measurement, and statistical analyses of test data, focuses mainly on item-level psychometric analysis, growth modeling, and latent-class analysis.

Elisa Gallegos is Senior Program Specialist at the Center on Research and Evaluation at Simmons School of Education and Human Development, SMU. Her interests include studying child development and learning through a neuropsychological lens and examining the systems involving children.(Simmons School of Education, SMU)

Cornelis Potgieter is Assistant Professor in the Department of Mathematics at Texas Christian University (TCU). His research interests includes Nonparametric statistics, applications of characteristic functions, spatial statistics, capture-recapture methods, measurement error and latent variable models, generalized skew-symmetric distributions.

Ph.D. Students

Patrick Lan (SMU)
Hao Ma (SMU)
Mo Zhao (SMU)
Nancy Le (SMU)
Ji Li (Arkansas)

Former Visiting Scholars

Gonca Usta (Cumhuriyet University, Turkey)
Ming-Chuan Hsieh (National Academy for Educational Research, Taiwan)
Gozde Sirganci (Bozok University, Turkey)